1982 - Ottawa City Hall “ Chain Reaction” - 1) Best of Show - 2) Best Watercolour as     selected by Henri Masson
    1983 - Ottawa City Hall “Strange Lace” - Best from the previous winners as selected by     Leonard Gerbrandt
    1984 - Ottawa City Hall “November Moon” - 3rd prize as selected by Morton Baslaw and     Gordon Hauser
    1984 - Wells Gallery “ Boiling the Sap” - Honorable Mention as selected by Morton Baslaw
    1985 - Robertson Gallery “Potpourri” - 2nd prize as selected by Leslie Reid of the Fine Arts     Dept. of Ottawa U., Monique Baker Wishart of the National Gallery and Peter Fortey,     graduate of the Ontario Collede of Art
    1997 - Alexander’s Art Gallery “Lace And Things” - 1) Juror Award as selected by     Alex     Siouris owner of Alexander’s Art Gallery - 2) Public Choice Award
    1998 - Echo Diffusart Gallery - Public Choice Award "Fog Moving In"
    2001 - Ottawa City Hall - Morton Baslaw Award "Honey In The Wild"
    2003 - MOTH Gallery in Merrickville "Pink Vase and Marbles" Public Choice Award
    2004 - Atrium Gallery "Les Chutes de Plaisance, mars 2003" Juror Award
    2004 - MOTH Gallery "Bittersweet and Collectibles" and "Earth Impact" Juror Awards
    2004 - MOTH Gallery "Earth Impact" Public Choice Award
    2010 Trinity Art Gallery-Shenkman Centre, Orleans , “On The Cutting Edge”
    1) Juror Award, 2) St Cuthbert's Mill Award
    2011 - St Brigids “Fog Moving in II” Public Choice Award
    2012 – St. Brigid's “Glass Collection II” Juror Award